Hello guys! Today I’m going to introduce you a promising ico for the month of June. This ICO is the first decentralized crypto-commodity Exchange and We call this ICO as Digital Ticks.

What is Digital Ticks?

Digital ticks allow its users to trade different cryptocurrencies and commodities into their platform. Not only that, the platform also boasts basic and advanced features for novice and professional Traders. When it comes to security, the digital ticks exchange gives you secure access to your account. You can be sure that your account is protected because they have installed DDoS protection and also features the Google 2FA authenticator. Aside from that, the digital ticks exchange can process up to 1,000,000 orders per second. This proves, that even if the trades are very volatile, the dtx platform can overdeliver.

Digital ticks use blockchain technology in order to make this project successful. It will solve the following problem in the current situation in the cryptocurrency exchange.


#1 Security

We all know that there are lots of exchanges that closed its door due to this issue. Can you remember about the hack of MT. Gox Exchange? If you don’t, Mt. Gox is the largest bitcoin exchange a few years ago. Mt. Gox suspended their exchange in February 2014 due to a hacking issue. Why? because about 850,000 bitcoins belonging to customers and the company were missing and likely stolen, an amount valued at more than $450 million at the time. It was found out that most or all of the missing bitcoins were stolen straight out of the Mt. Gox hot wallet over time, beginning in late 2011.

Solution: Digital Ticks team ensures that the security system will undergo continuous improvement, regular IT security, and financial audits. It is also expected that the Digital ticks will always look for vulnerability issues and penetration testing.  Aside from that, all the withdrawals in the system are highly secured because it uses multisig wallets and uses google 2fa in every transaction.

#2 Customer Satisfaction

Sometimes, we just need to take good care of our customers. Imagine this case, you are trying to recover your account but you have forgotten or lose your Google Authenticator code. Are you going to wait for the customers to contact you or will you be sending them updates right away through your social media handles? Of course, digital ticks is very different from others. Why? because DTX team will handle the issue accurately and in a timely manner.

Solution: DTX team provides its users a professional customer service representative that is ready to solve issues right away.

#3 Latency Problem and Downtime

Most of the cryptocurrency exchange out there have their own high-quality infrastructure. However, we all know for the fact that, cryptocurrency market is very volatile. From time to time, you will experience unstable connection and server errors because of many users using the service. This will result in loss of trust and fear.

Solution: Digital ticks team is highly composed of professional traders. They know how it fees when there is a sudden interruption of the service. Therefore, DTX team will ensure continuous improvement and high-quality servers are used in the trading platform.

When it comes to downtime. The team will always notify you of system upgrades and maintenance using the DTX social media accounts.

Device Compatibility

Digital ticks are one of a kind project. You can use the exchange in any device you wanted.

• Web based trading client
• PC (windows) native client
• Android Native app
• IOS native client (pending App Store review)

Digital Ticks Exchange Revenue Model

Exchange Commission Fees

This fee is generated in every successful trade in the system. However, in the first few months, there will be no exchange commission fees will be incurred upon using the project.

Withdrawal Fees
Unlike other exchange, digital ticks have low withdrawal fees.

Listing Fees
In order to list your coin or project at DTX platform, you need to purchase dtx token for listing.

Other Fees
This fee is generated from other features of dtx platform. This will be used in continuous service development and other operational costs.

Digital Ticks ICO Details

DTX is the utility token used in Digital Ticks Exchange. In order to participate in the project, you should have Ethereum Wallet Address to receive your tokens. A total of 128 million tokens will be created. 50% of the total token supply will be available for sale during the PRE-ICO and ICO stage. You can use Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Wire transfer to buy DTX token.

Do you Recommend investing in the Project?

I believe that this project is worth joining. The project has good use cases. In fact, the fees in this exchange is  very low compared to other exchange. Don’t miss this opportunity to participate in this project! Participate in the ICO now!

More information

Website: https://www.digitalticks.com/

Telegram: https://t.me/digitalticksexchange

Twitter: https://twitter.com/digitalticks

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DigitalTicksExchange

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